1 Automotive Components Lab An automobile is the combination of different components and each one has specific work. In this lab, we can see all the major components of the automobile, and separate classes conducted dismantling and assembling of the parts.
2 CAD LAB Design and Analysis is the major step in developing a new product. Here we design a component, test the component and we justify the reason for choosing the design and safe and reliable. Cost and production time is reduced by testing the components and parts using software.
3 Automotive Electrical and Electronics Lab The electrical system is important in all the vehicles. The total control systems are studied known through this lab and visually all the electrical components are tested.
4 Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Lab Every fuel and lubricating liquids have their own chemical properties. In order to use them in the vehicle, we need to select the grade of the liquid suggested by SAE. To check the grade, we test the properties in the laboratory, and the exact fuel or lubricating oil is chosen for the vehicle.
5 Computerized IC Engines lab IC engine is the heart of all the vehicle. In this lab, we test the performance and emission characteristics of all the engines. Testing is performed in an engine that is integrated into a computer where all the results are taken directly from the computer without performing any manual calculation. Research and consultancy activities are undertaken in this lab. Alternate fuels like bio-diesel are tested in this laboratory.
6 Vehicle Maintenance and reconditioning Lab Vehicle maintenance and live reconditioning are studied in this lab. This is a mini-workshop inside the campus where the vehicle services are taken care. The lab is provided with 3 cars, a lorry, and a bus for better understanding of the subject.
7 Electronics and Microprocessor Lab Vehicles are now modernized and the total control of the vehicle is in an electronics system. ECU is the controller which controls all the system from starting of a vehicle, brakes, Airbags, suspension and is a controller of every single point of a vehicle. All the programs are studied and remapping can be performed by the students which will help in understanding the modern systems.
8 2 & 3 Wheelers Lab The components inside the two and three-wheelers are seen in life and all the dismantling and assembling of the components are studied in this laboratory. A computerized Chassis dynamometer is installed inside the lab to check the performance of a two-wheeler and consulting for other colleges and industries is undertaken in this lab.