The Civil engineering department has well equipped laboratories which provides good facilities for teaching, field testing and research works in civil engineering. The laboratories have been set up to enable students to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. The following laboratories are part of the Civil Engineering Department

Survey lab serves to provide practical training and insight about basic surveying applications including plane surveying, and supports the advanced surveying courses as well. The basic level topics include compass survey, plane table survey, leveling and theodolite survey. Training is imparted in advanced surveying tools like total station survey as well.

The Geotechnical Engineering laboratory is well equipped to execute all the necessary soil tests. It consists of several equipments for testing the various parameters of soil like CBR test, Direct Shear test, Vane Shear test, Unconfined compression test, Triaxial compression test, Consolidation test, Permeability test, Compaction test, Consistency limit tests etc. The various test informations are used for designing the type of foundations, earthworks such as dams, embankments, tunnels, reservoirs, pavement subgrades etc. Thus this lab helps the students in understanding the concept of geotechnical engineering in detail.

Strength of Materials laboratory familiarizes the students with the testing procedure of materials used in the civil engineering discipline. The laboratory facilities gives a clear understanding of the behaviour of the materials through the study of physical properties, mechanical properties, suitability of material for use in construction, material selection code provisions, etc. The material testing laboratory is designed also to serve the research works for both faculty and students.

The computer centre is equipped with sophisticated software facilities for training students in areas of computer aided design, structural design and project planning. This lab deals with the study of various distinctive features and tools used in AutoCAD and the uses of this software in Civil engineering. The centre is actively used for the research work also.

Transportation and highway engineering laboratory provides a platform for the students for practical implementation of Transportation engineering projects, thereby uplifting the standards of the students to industrial level. Testing facilities are provided for materials used in highway-pavement construction. The laboratory is well equipped with latest instruments with advanced testing facilities.

The Environmental Engineering lab helps to acquaint students with the details of water and wastewater analysis, and to provide hands-on experience in the operation and performance of traditional and innovative systems for water and wastewater treatment. The lab is well equipped with all testing apparatus and instruments.

This lab provides facilities for testing structural aspects of elements in a building including practical behavior of the physical structures like beams, different arches, roof truss etc. It helps the post graduate students to gain concrete idea about their research areas and to bring out the best results.

This Lab is intended to make the students aware of the all the aspects which comes under fluid flow. The experiments include flow measurement, practical applications of the basic principles of fluid mechanics and the study of major tools used.

Engineering practices lab is a learning arena for first year students to understand the basic engineering principles and ideas through practical exercises. The well equipped facilities in both civil and mechanical workshops provide the students with best opportunities to have hands-on training and thereby to gain engineering skills right from their first year of study.